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Round 7 Fixture

Sporting Fixture Term 1, 2019

Director of Sports Brendan Mahony

AGSV Boys Sports Results 

Team of the week

Team: Basketball Open B
Event Date: 02/02/2019
Opponent: Yarra Valley Red
Trinity Score: 61 (None)
Opponent Score: 26 (None)
Result: Win
Reporting coach: ScottLucas

Best 1: Fraser Peckham, Rory
Best 1 Comment: 17 points, Multiple steals

Best 2: Moran, Matthew
Best 2 Comment: 10 points, Aggressive rebounding

Best 3: Milner, Luke
Best 3 Comment: 9 points, strong rebounds


With the start of a new year and some boys coming off the Hawaii tour, the 2nds were keen to take to the court. For the first few minutes both teams appeared rusty, finding it difficult to convert shots into points. However, after a shaking start, Trinity hit their stride, immediately forming a comfortable lead that they would not give up for the rest of the game.

Our boys began converting shots outside the arc, executing plays leaving the defence confused and driving directly for the basket. By halftime the score was 24-9 in Trinity's favour.

The second half Trinity continued to play a classy form of basketball while their opposition failed to maintain the same level of professionalism. With the opposition continually missing three-point shots, Trinity, was able to convert fast-breaks into scoring opportunities. The game was sealed when Rory Fraser-Peckham scored almost 10 points in 2 minutes through stealing the inbound pass and immediately scoring under the basket.

Overall, it was a great game to start the latter half of the season. Well done boys.

Behaviour: No issues to report

Absence: No absences to report